Stop Assisted Suicide in MA

We must stop this legislation!

Massachusetts is again attempting to legalize assisted suicide. We are now the only state with an active bill. The pro-death lobby is putting all its resources here.

We need strength in numbers of people telling legislators about the dangers of this practice. We have seen its terrible effects around the country and the world.

No Medical Accomplices to Suicide (MAtS)

This page contains information for the citizens of central Massachusetts.

Legislation Resources

Go to this page for all the legislative information on the current Massachusetts assisted suicide bills.

Blog posts about the MA bills

  • Ask Lawmakers About PAS - Where does your state senator and state representative stand on assisted suicide? Contact their offices to find out and tell me about their responses! All the contact information you need…
  • Airing Sunday on WQPH - Dr. Mark Rollo has an outstanding radio program on medical ethics that airs every Sunday on WQPH. I had the great honor and pleasure of appearing with him to discuss…

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