Stop Assisted Suicide in MA

We must stop PAS from being legalized

Massachusetts is again attempting to legalize assisted suicide. Now that we have a governor in favor of its passage, the pro-death lobby will certainly introduce a new bill.

We need strength in numbers of people telling legislators about the dangers of this practice. We have seen its terrible effects around the country and the world.

No Medical Accomplices to Suicide (MAtS)

This page contains information for the citizens of central and western Massachusetts.

The senate bill has been introduced!

See this page for more legislative information on the 2023-2024 state assisted suicide bills.

Massachusetts has new districts as well as new legislators.

This page has the details for Central MA.

This page has the details for Western MA.

Listen to the Kligler v. Healy oral arguments from March 9, 2022. The SJC ruled on December 31, 2022 that no right to PAS existed in the MA Declaration of Rights.

Blog posts about the MA bills

  • McManus and Fattman Event Flier - Download the flier for the June 19th event with Bishop McManus and State Senator Ryan Fattman where they will be discussing the dim reality that would occurs should assisted suicide…
  • Dangers of Assisted Suicide June 19 - Monday, June 19th, 7 pm Christ the King parish 1052 Pleasant Street, Worcester This promises to be an excellent opportunity to educate those who may not know that this legislation…
  • Paving the Way to Euthanasia – Part 2 - Part 1 reviewed the truly compassionate Saikewics (1977) and tragically dangerous Brophy (1986) decisions that Justice Elspeth Cypher cites in her concurring opinion. She agrees that providing a lethal dose…
  • Paving the Way to Euthanasia in MA – Part 1 - As noted in a previous post, promoters of doctor-assisted suicide have changed the language in the 2023 bill to remove anything that may have provided some kind of conscience protection.…
  • The Newest PAS Bill Has Even More Attacks on Clinicians with Consciences - One of the first major bills introduced into the Massachusetts 2023-2024 legislative session is An Act Relative to End of Life Options. Its early designation is SD265. Joanne Comerford introduced…

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