People of the Word

The Word of God is the source of our morals and conviction. Our faith informs and infuses our apostolate.

The Incarnation is the person of Jesus Christ in which God’s divine nature and our human nature are united. The Incarnation continues now and into eternity. It reveals the unimaginable dignity of every human life. Life is a precious gift from God created out of His great love for each one of us. The pro-life movement is about restoring the Church’s view of human dignity to medicine and society.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help Prayer

O Lord Jesus Christ, who gave us your Mother Mary, whose renowned image we venerate, to be a Mother ever ready to help us; grant we beseech You, that we who constantly implore her motherly aid, may merit to enjoy perpetually the fruits of Your redemption, Who lives and reigns forever and ever. Amen.

Listen to the reflections from the Novena to St. Joseph since 2017

Schedule a holy hour to pray for the sick and suffering, and that PAS not be made legal in Massachusetts. Download all you need here.

Msgr. Beaulieu has been gracious enough to let me post some of his musings from his bulletins and missal sheet. Often they relate to the liturgical season offering insight, enlightenment, and enrichment of the Catholic faith.

Msgr. Beaulieu – Ash Wednesday

The Weeks Before Lent As the calendar turns from January to February, the prospect of Ash Wednesday comes more into focus since this year, what is technically known as the Feria Quarta…

Here is a collection of other spiritual posts from the blog.

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