A Catholic Approach to End-of-Life Care Decisions

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If you are an elder or anyone living with a serious illness, chances are you have already been asked about your treatment decisions, even asked to fill out forms. While seemingly simple, these forms have a big impact on the type of medical care you receive. Accepting medical care, and when to stop it, is deeply informed by our Catholic faith. None of these forms should completed without a thorough understanding of what they mean and what our faith teaches about sickness, suffering, and end-of-life care.

This presentation explains what these different forms are, when they are appropriate to use, and what should be considered when filling them out.

Medical Care Decision Forms

Kris Correira, DScPAS, PA-C, DFAAPA has been a physician assistant since 1993 with clinical experience in emergency medicine and primary care, discussing end-of-life care with patients and their families. She is a member of the Catholic Medical Association and is certified in Healthcare Ethics through the National Catholic Bioethics Center. She holds a Doctor of Science in Physician Assistant Studies. She is a Distinguished Fellow of the American Academy of Physician Assistants.