What is Nature and Dignity? It is to profess that every human life has inherent dignity from conception until natural death because of our unique human nature.

Medicine must be the primary example of protecting all human life in all its stages. No abortion, no suicide or euthanasia, no denying ordinary care–not even if the person demands it. To end a life, even our own, is to view someone as unworthy of life, as a life from which we find acceptable to rid ourselves. That view paves the road to oppression. It is distinctly different from stopping burdensome treatment when the time to die is drawing near.

Clinicians are increasingly being prevented from practicing in this way. Secular medicine and bioethics are at odds with human dignity and are increasingly intolerant of anyone practicing according to that view.

Let us never conclude that some lives have less worth. Let us always seek to ease suffering, never extinguishing life as a means to that end. Let us work to bring about human flourishing in any circumstance.

Let us love life more, not less!

Nature and Dignity focuses on human dignity, conscience freedom, and end-of-life care in healthcare.

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