The hearing is done. Now what?

Now what?
The hearing is over.
It was a long day for those who opposed PAS.  We had a great number of supporters at the hearing but not so many on the Joint Committee for Public Health.

The referendum deadline has passed.
August 7 was the deadline to file signatures for a referendum to appear on the 2020 ballot.  Compassion and Choices did not file any; are they confident they will legalize PAS through the legislature?

What can we do?
Our legislators need to have overwhelming number of people contact them to oppose PAS.  WFL has the information and the materials but we need people to help spread the word.
Contact Members of the Joint Committee on Public Health
Here are the Central Massachusetts state rep committee members and their contact information:

John Mahoney (D 13th Worcester) – CHAIR
Rm 130
Phone: 617-722-2130
Fax: 617-626-0247

Michael Soter (R 8th Worcester)
Rm 443

Hannah Kane (R 11th Worcester)
Rm 167

Mary Keefe (D 15th Worcester)
Rm 473F
Phone: 617-722-2210
Fax: 617-626-0286

Here is the Central Massachusetts state senator committee member and her contact information:

Joanne Comerford (D) – CHAIR
Rm 70C

All state legislators have the same address–just put in their room number:

24 Beacon Street
Room _____
Boston, MA  02133
Become a Parish Link
A parish link is a person who focuses on increasing awareness of the PAS threat and asking people to contact legislators.  Here are some simple things you can do as a parish link:
~ Put information in the bulletin, website, or FB page
~ Place flyers in the church
~ Schedule a Fatal Flaws showing
~ Display a banner if you are in a committee member’s district
WFL is here to support your efforts. Contact me ASAP to be a Parish Link
The Banners are Back!
Christ the King parish is in Representative John Mahoney’s district. The parish has two banners easily visible to the heavy traffic on Pleasant Street in Worcester.  I plan to send him a picture and suggest he take a ride by to see them in person.

WFL has other banners we are hoping to put in front of parishes located in the Joint Committee on Public Heath member districts.  See this post for more information about where we are targeting.  Click here to see all available banner signs.
Fatal Flaws
One of the most effective education and action programs we have is Fatal Flaws movie and discussion.

Our next showing is in Uxbridge, which is Representative Michael Soter’s district.  He is–you guessed it–a member of the Joint Committee on Public Health.

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  1. Thanks for this great post!!! I will get this out to the Sacred Heart/St Catherine community.



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