Kevin Dunn at the Catholic Men’s Conference

Kevin Dunn started off the Worcester Catholic Men’s Conference, and it was a strong start. He gave a great talk about how we can be prophets of hope in today’s world. He told an amazing story about his personal life and discussed the highlights of his film, Fatal Flaws.

After accidentally taking over Kevin’s table (thinking Kevin had left, and which turned out to be Trent Horn’s second table that he didn’t need and was gracious enough to let us share), we were thrilled that Kevin came back to join us! I can’t speak highly enough of this humble, gentile, and generous man.

Fatal Flaws has been an outstanding educational tool to make people aware of this growing threat and to help them take action to stop PAS legalization here in Massachusetts. We hope his talk will inspire many people around the diocese to ask their pastors to host this important film.

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