Undying Love End of Life Care

CFP seriesDick would commonly be thought of as my stepfather because he married my mother, but since they have only been married for nine years I consider him my mother’s husband.  He’s a wonderful man who is dying of renal cancer, and I am his healthcare proxy.

As a physician assistant and because I know Dick more as someone important to my mother rather than a father, my perspective on this process is somewhat unusual.  I have a medical perspective of what is happening, and he is an important figure in our family such that I have some emotional involvement but certainly not as deeply as I would with a parent who had raised me.

They live 35 miles from me and I drive there along a highway that makes getting there torturous at rush hour yet rather easy otherwise. While I have been advising my mother all along, this past month Dick’s health began to decline and she started to get overwhelmed.  I needed to meet with his doctors so I could introduce myself and find out from them what was happening.

Just as I have the Emergency Encounters series in which I write about my work in emergency medicine, I am starting this series, Undying Love, to write about end-of-life care-giving in today’s shifting medical climate.  Even in the short time I have been so actively involved, I have seen a lot.

Please pray for him and our family as I ask that the Holy Spirit allow these entries to bless other care-givers fighting to get medical treatment for their loved ones.

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