Sepsis Death from Discussion Delay

Sepsis is a condition caused when an infection, like pneumonia or a urinary tract infection, starts causing life-threatening problems throughout the body.  It requires treatment with antibiotics, intravenous fluids, sometimes even medicines to help keep the heart and blood vessels working properly.  Once the antibiotics start working, the person usually fully recovers.  Sepsis is deadly if antibiotics are…Read more »

Jerome Lejeune and End-of-Life Care

In 1969, Jerome Lejeune became the 5th recipient of the William Allan Award of the American Society of Human Genetics, the highest honor a scientist can receive in the field of genetics.  He earned this honor for discovering Trisomy 21, the cause of Down Syndrome. His discovery, rather than leading to a greater insight and acceptance of Down Syndrome,…Read more »

Undying Love The Palliative Care Deception

Much is being made of palliative care these days, especially in the doctor-assisted suicide debate.  Prominent palliative care specialists such as Ira Byock and former assisted-suicide advocate Diane Meier  strongly oppose such legislation in our new era of palliative care. According to the Center to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC), headed by Dr. Meier, palliative care “is specialized medical…Read more »