About Me

Kris Correira, MHP, PA-C, FAAPA is a physician assistant working in Family Practice and Emergency Medicine. She is certified by the National Catholic Bioethics Center in Healthcare Bioethics.  Her studies in the Master of Theology program with a concentration in Bioethics at Holy Apostles College and Seminary is on hold while she completes a Doctor of Science in Physician Assistant Studies at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. She has 20 years of higher education teaching experience including paramedics, human biology students, and physician assistants.

What is nature and dignity? Every human life has inherent dignity from conception until natural death by its nature.

Though much of what I write is discussed without a religious framework, I hope to inspire some to consider the beauty and truth of Catholic teaching.

Medicine must be the example of how society must protect all human life in all its stages.  No abortion, no suicide, no denying ordinary care–not even if the person demands it. One person or group having power over the lives of another is oppression by definition. To end a life, even our own, that is deemed not worth living is eugenics by definition. That is not the same as stopping treatment that really is no longer care when the time to die has come.

Let us never conclude that some lives have less worth.   Let us strive to ease suffering without ending life as a means to that end.

Let us love life more, not less!

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